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A Hill to Die On

Greetings Friends and Neighbors.

I, like many politically minded citizens, have lost more than a handful of long time friends and family over the past year. "Its stupid to lose friends over politics." It's a quote we have all heard before but here I will dispute that statement.

Recently I have lost work due to my personal stand on masks. My opinions are based on fact not fiction and data not deception. Simple math, probability and personal risk assessment have guided my choices, not mindless obedience to convoluted and downright fear based information that is spoon fed to the masses. I don't deny you your right to make your own decisions but I do implore each and every one of you to do some digging to find truth in all matters. Don't take my word for it, or ANYONES for that matter.

All of this is my hill to die on. I feel that we are at a point where the political divide IS a reason to walk away from long term friends and family because it isn't about politics anymore. It's about liberty. We The People are barely hanging on to freedoms we once took for granted. If you are willing to continue to give those freedoms away, than you are what I am fighting against. I have no ill will to you. I wish you only happiness, success and prosperity but not at my expense. That is the ultimate difference.

The mask is just one visible symptom of an over reaching totalitarian, authoritarian ruling elite who's control must be castrated and it is up to us to do it. The Government works for you. You pay them directly with your taxes. They are mismanaging your money. Would you continue to pay your accountant or office manger if he constantly wasted your money on things that didn't benefit you or your company but instead helped all the people and companies that are competing against you? You wouldn't. Would you let one of your employees dictate to you what you should wear, how many people you can have your house, how close you can stand to them, if you are even allowed to see them at all and the like? You wouldn't.

Wake up America, This is the hill. Your life is at stake. I will miss my former friends and family but I will make new ones who want the same future as I. I will find new places to spend my money with companies that support my ideals. You have options if you are willing to look. Cancel Neflix, Cancel youtube. Use Rumble, Get pluto TV. Subscribe to real news sources instead of the Left wing propaganda machine that has overwelmed the airwaves. We are dangerously close to a 1 party system that will be very difficult to come back from. Please don't take it lightly.

Peace and Chicken Grease

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