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Because it's Irritating ... That's Why.

Greetings Friends and Neighbors.

I would like to address the Mask issue. Fuck those things... And fuck you idiots who still think its net benefit to the world to keep a tissue strapped to your face most of your day. You lemmings spend so much of your time comparing and competing with each other on mind numbing social media, that you have been hypnotized. WAKE UP. You are slowly but surely being conquered by Marxist mob that only has control as their objective. "Just wear it. why is it such a big deal?" BECAUSE IT IRRITATES ME! THAT'S WHY! When you are so far away that you have to call me on radio to ask me to put a mask on .. fuck you. That's about power. That's about fear. That's about control. How about this. You can take this mask, and stick stick it up your ass.

I seriously feel so much better right now.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. You are welcome to comment below. I would be more than willing to listen to someone who thinks they can change my mind on the issue.

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