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Bikers at Biketoberfest

So tonight I was playing at Riptides in Ormond Beach. I set up on the deck along A1A. I kind of have a running joke there that I have used numerous times. A vehicle (in this case a motorcycle) that is noticeably and often literally damagingly loud, intentionally blasts the deck with with deafening volume. I say "I am sure he isn't overcompensating for anything." or "Hey it's over compensation weekend!". I have been playing there for 6 years. I was one of the first. This bad joke usually gets audible laughter (not always easy at a restaurant). Today...For the first time ever.... someone complained to management. A biker. "3 different tables" apparently. So the management asked me not to tell any more jokes about bikers. Should we have safe spaces set up for the bikers? Do we need to get them a cry closets? Since when is a joke - a truly overused stereotype at that - so offensive that you feel the need to complain to management? This is what's wrong with the world. "Been around the world and see that only stupid people breeding. The cretins cloning and feeding..."

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