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Ronne D. and DJT

Greetings Friends and Neighbors,

I voted for Ron Desantis. I think he is doing a great job. I love him as the Governor of FL. He is The Nations Governor and wields great power and influence as such. Were he to run for President of the United States, I believe he would be LESS effective.

First. if he were to run, I believe that it would be akin to dereliction of duty as the newly re-elected Governor of Florida. The people of florida put their trust in him to be the executive of our state until 2026. He should fulfill that contract with out campaigning for a position in the federal system.

Second. I don't happen to believe that he can win. I know,.. I know,.. But I don't. And I think when he loses that will be another nail in the coffin for the country. He should instead unify the conservative movement and put his support behind Donald Trump. The #TwitterFiles have exposed, with insurmountable evidence, that the 2020 election was manipulated by the FBI and DOJ. A CLEAR violation of our constitution ,which renders the 2020 election illegitimate. Like it or not, that's the way it is. He shouldn't fear taking that position because it is the truth. What the mainstream media says about it is irrelevant... almost as irrelevant as they are.

Third. Even if he were to get elected, he has been a government employee his entire life. The "Status Quo" is something he is used to, and familiar with. He won't have the vision to think outside of the Establishment box the way he will need to.

Fourth. It's Trump's "turn" in a manner of speaking. The evidence that he was robbed in 2020 is undeniable at this point. Let him go in there and apply the pressure that is needed to completely break the Establishment Elite. He will not have to worry about re-election. Then, after 4 years of solidifying Florida as a bastion of conservatism and personal responsibility, Desantis can take 6 months off, campaign for a year and a half (cus that's what it will take at least), and take his logical place as leader of the nation in 2028 with a fresh slate. Let Donald Trump clear the table for you Ron.

Fifth. The Elites fear Donald Trump. They fear him so much they are still fixated on him after 7 years. DeSantis will be tough no doubt. He is a strong leader, but DJT isn't called "The Teflon Don" for nothing. He is like Kryptonite to the Establishment. He is hated by EVERYONE in the establishment without exception. That alone is a win in my book

Sixth (And maybe most important). If we don't re-elect Donald Trump, then they win. Every lie, every hoax, every suppressed truth, will have succeeded. We cannot let those who want to steal our voices, those who would inject you with chemicals against your will, who lie, cheat, manipulate, and steal all that is america away from us, win. In my opinion Trump, with all of his faults (and there are many I concede), is the way to break their hold. It's only because of him and the light he shined on the corruption that we are able to see It today.

I'll close with this. Ron should't Run. His time will come but it isn't yet. Patience and Perseverance will win the day for all of us, including him. I hope he is wise enough to see see it. The end of the 4th turning is 2028. Then will be the time for the Big DeSantis.

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04. Juni 2023

Because Ron is Establishment, he allows his ears and ego to be tickled by America's enemies. They will pit the two sides (Ron vs. Don camps) against themselves, thus distracting them from what needs accomplished to crush our enemies.

People need to understand true power is always on the local level. They need to solidify that base first for what is to come.

There is a lot of self-interest at stake in the coming election, which boils down to Good vs Evil.

Our enemies will not stop. Our domestic enemies will not stop. I believe they will sink the ship rather than self-reflect.

You need love of country for that to happen. They do not.

Gefällt mir
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