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The Covert WWIII

Right now there are two sides. Establishment or Anti Establishment. Trump has a job to finish. He has a blind spot where jarred, his daughter and often the rest of his family are concerned that is evident. He made some bad choices out of naivety, but he is the only guy that will have what it takes to tear the establishment apart. It’s his turn or the establishment wins. It’s his turn or We let every lie and liar since 2015 win. It’s about more than Trump. This is about justice Donald Trump is far from perfect, but the things you need to do during times of war take an edge that isn’t polite. Donald Trump is the nuclear option needed to destroy the establishment. He is their greatest fear. Why do you think they fight so hard to silence him?

Ron DeSantis is a fantastic governor. However, if he did decide to run for president, I believe as a Floridian, that it is a breach of contract with those who elected him here. He has a job to do here and he can’t do it if he is running for president. That said. He’s a very effective for the nation as Florida’s governor. A leader of governors separate and apart from the federal government. He will have his time to lead the nation as president. Now is not it. He is America’s governor and he should take that job seriously.

Now is Donald Trump's time. He isn’t making it easy for delicate flowers, but this strange battle we find ourselves isn’t for the faint of heart. Times like these call for Donald Trump. Lumps and All.

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