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I watch a lot of news, All Kinds. Both sides and all the way through the middle. Regardless of your ”side” if you have one there is something that can’t be denied. This President and his administration has been hamstrung by the Democratic party and it has been happening since well before he was duly elected. This is unacceptable people. I get it that you don’t like the guy. Frankly I don’t either. However, we are all Americans and we have to come together on the issues that truly threaten our Republic (We are a republic by the way not a democracy). The Democratic Party is obstructing progress in order to keep this president and his administration from getting a “win” on any major issue. If you don’t like this President Vote him out in LESS THAN A YEAR AND A HALF. That’s that way our process works. Don’t listen to the media people. Do alternative research and dig, dig, dig for it. Then use your common sense. Ockham's razor. Don’t forget... the former administration weaponized the IRS to go after their political oppoents. What would stop them from weaponizing other governmental departments. I don’t have the answer but I believe that we should use the processes in the constitution. The losing party has done nothing to solve the problems most pressing in our nation due to the fact they have been unable to accept their loss and want punish this president. The mainstream media is on their side because this president has called them out on their manipulation of facts to push a narrative.

This is merely my point of view. I would love for someone have civil discourse about the subject if you care to comment. Please be civil.

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