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The State of the Union According to Gus

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Greetings Friends and Neighbors.

As many of you know (or can imagine from previous posts), I followed the election process closely. I am following the post election process even more closely and I truly fear our great country is in grave danger of becoming a casualty. A casualty of an ignorant and idealistic youth that have been hoodwinked by the adults in the room. From a Media that hides the truth and worse, to hypocritical political role models and hive mind Hollywood hacks. Add to that an education system that doesn't educate them on lives most important lessons and useful tools, I would argue that home economics and shop are more applicable and have a wider scope of useful real world lessons than Calculus. Let me be clear. The blame lands NOT with the educators and rather with our system of education entirely. The majority of American families begin the process early in a child's development. Daycare, preschool, grade school, middle school, high school, college, graduate school, continuing education. New math, Common Core, Inclusion... A never ending stream of bright young spongey brains being filled up with how to follow directions instead of how to solve problems and think for themselves. That would be far too dangerous. Consequently, We have a young population who is wholly unprepared for real life. They expect that they will be told what to do and given what they need to do it. Time to strap yourselves in kids. The road makes some really sharp turns from here on out. America has lot of ugly parts but it is still the most wonderful place in the world and other people want to control it. Don't be controlled. Don't be a tool. Keep searching for truth and question everything. That's all for now.

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